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Power to the Pieper-campaign

Recently the Power to the Pieper-campaign has been launched. A campaign to put Netherlands pride, the potato, in the spotlights. It provides plenty of possibilities to make special dishes time after time. Because the flavours, dishes and cooking methods are endless. The campaign is accompanied by a fantastic movie, watch it here: Power to the Pieper-movie or check for more information.

And the campaign has been successful! There is much written and blogged about. The Lion Kitchen, Adformatie and Culi-blog blogged about it and also LINDA. Magazine is giving potatoes a honorary place.


Potatoes on paper

A lot of magazines are paying attention to potatoes. And deservedly, because potatoes are so various that you can do anything with them. In the Dutch magazine Boodschappen of March there was a whole dossier about potatoes. With tips, trics and recipes off course. In the Dutch edition of National Geographic Magazine of February also a lot of attention to potatoes. For instance about to the future of potatoes. Because no food is as Dutch as the potato, but will it be tastier in the future? Read the articles here and here.

Also the Dutch magazines Libelle and Margriet payed attention to potatoes. In number 42 of Libelle and Margriet from last year there where articles about potatoes. In Libelle cookbook author Yvette van Boven has written 23 delicious recepies with potatoes. 'With potatoes you can go really do anything!' according to Yvette. And in Margriet also extensive coverage for potatoes. For example for new and historical potato varieties. Enough inspiration for people to eat more potatoes!

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