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Potato fan

As a company we pack potatoes and have little direct contact with our consumers. Messages like this one below are fantastic to hear. How wonderful is it that our potatoes can make people happy. 

We don't get much handwritten letters, actually none! But recently we received this beautiful letter from a lady from Rotterdam.

"Dear Mr de Kock,

I am writing you this letter because I don't have a computer so I can't reach you that way. I am an 88 year old woman and since 5 years a widow. My story is about the years 1943-1944. The food shortage was increasing and many people took a garden to grow their own potatoes and vegetables. Whole fields were dug over. We lived in Leiderdorp in that time because my father worked in Leiden. My brother came up with the story that the municipality released the ornamental gardens to use as well. My father was assigned the shrubbery at the town hall, in the middle of the village. He had to leave all the plants and could only dig and use the lawn. He decided to buy potatoes and bought seed potatoes with the only supplier in town (Eigenheimers). We went to grub them all at once with the whole family. I had never eaten such delicious potatoes. They cooked firm and solid. Later on I often bought Eigenheimers, cooked and ate them, but they never tasted as good as those warpotatoes. Now I just cook for myself, and a bag of 1½ kilos that I get in the supermarkt is enough for me. This is how I came in contact with your Opperdoezen. immediately I recognized them from so many years ago, and now I know that my father did't bought Eigenheimers as seed potatoes but Opperdoezen. Your name and address was on the potato bag, which is why I decided to write this letter.