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Opperdoezer Bikeround

With the lovely West Frisian village of Opperdoes is something special going on: the whole village is growing potatoes. It all started with horticulturist Sluis. This inventive grower planted mid-century nine-wekers on his fields, potatoes which already can be harvested after nine weeks. They were called Opperdoezer Round potatoes and they are so delicious that they received a European Certificate of Authenticity, also known as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). What is the best way to see these little miracle in the fields? Right, by bike! Therefore we have made a beautiful bike trail around the fields of Opperdoes. You also bike along a flour mill and some beautiful tea gardens. Try this bike trail and discover what this area has to offer besides heavenly tasting potatoes. Wactch the cycle route here.

Do you want to see how the Opperdoezers are packed at our company? Check this fun video.

The farmers in Opperdoes are harvesting their potatoes in the traditional way: by hand. In this way they don't damage the skin of the potatoes and they remain in better shape and longer fresh. The best way to eat this Dutch new potatoes is by boiling them in the skins and serve them with a butter sauce. 

Do you want more information about the Opperdoezer potatoes? Take a look at this website.