The latest news from Leo de Kock

New washing installation

A new washing installation is placed to ensure that our potatoes are as good and clean as possible before we package them.

Quality is a priority at Leo de Kock. To ensure that only the best potatoes end up in our packages a lot has to be done. First of al the potatoes have to be 'read'. Both automatically as manually bad potatoes are removed in this way. A large part of these bad potatoes end up as cattle feed, for example for cows. These potatoes contribute thereby to the production of milk, cheese, yogurt and so on. To ensure that our potatoes are also as clean as possible in their packaging, we have recently purchased a new washer. This wash installation washes the potatoes and the water that is used will be recycled again. For our organic potatoes we have a separate washing installation. In the link below you can watch a short video of our washing installation.